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Spectacular 3D Marine Aquarium Background

Marine Aquarium Backgrounds are essential to make sure the environment for your fish is right and choosing the right background will enhance the overall appearance.

Spectacular 3D Aquarium Backgrounds are based on the Coral reefs around the Galapagos Islands, this range of fishtank backgrounds create a realistic, healthy and interactive environment for cold water fish, tropical fish and marine fish.

This fish tank background for aquarium will increase the reality of your aquarium giving a true under water experience with these realistic looking marine aquarium backgrounds. The marine aquarium background routinely harbours huge amounts of beneficial bacteria.

When installing these backgrounds for aquariums it greatly improves the water quality as the water will circulate through the foam by the natural thermoclines in the aquarium (movement of warmer and cooler water). This marine aquarium background is handmade and unique so it will not be identical to the picture.

All Spectacular 3D aquarium tank backgrounds are hand carved from reticulated open cell foam in Ecuador and decorated with pumice stone and plastic plants.

These fish tank backgrounds are available in the following sizes;

  • 59cm long x 40cm high Trimmable Aquarium Background
  • 59cm long x 60cm high Trimmable Aquarium Background
  • 78cm long x 42cm high Trimmable Aquarium Background
  • 78cm long x 60cm high Trimmable Aquarium Background
  • 98cm wide x 45cm high Trimmable Aquarium Background
  • 98cm wide x 60cm high Trimmable Aquarium Background
  • 118cm long x 45cm high Trimmable Aquarium Background
  • 118cm long x 60cm high Trimmable Aquarium Background

Also specifically suitable for all Jewel Rekord, Jewel Rio, Vision, Hagen, Trigon & Lido Aqua One Aquariums, please ask for more details.

If the size or type you require is not listed please ask because we can custom make these aquarium 3D backgrounds to your specific size.  

This marine aquarium background will nicely finish off the look of your aquarium whilst adding some health benefits to your fish - every aquarium should have one.

Instructions For Aquarium Background Installation

Important - all aquariums must be clean and dry before installation.

  1. Unpack the fish tank background and dispose of the packaging
  2. Lay the aquarium tank on its back on a flat surface - a sheet of cardboard is ideal
  3. Take a tube of aquarium safe silicone - do not use ordinary silicone as this contains harmfull chemicals
Apply the aquarium safe silicone inside the back wall of the aquarium making a line (about finger thikcness) os silicone 5cm in from the bottom of the aquarium and on both sides then continue to make several lines of silicone over the back wall of the aquarium as shown below;

  1. Take the Spectacular 3D fishtank background and place it decorative side up onto the silicone and place the aquarium background so that the bottom of the background is up to the bottom of the aquarium.
  2. Push gently on to the silicone and if necessary weight down with a weight like a book to ensure good adhesion.

We recommend that the silicone is left to dry for 24 hours prior to filling the aquarium.

Please note - if you have selected a fish tank background with an air feature leave for a minimum of 2 hours to ensure good adhesion and then add some more silicone to the base of the aquarium background and press on to the bottom of the fish tank. It is then best if the aquarium is stood the right way up and then apply some weight to the background base to ensure good adhesion. Leave the silicone for 24 hours to dry before filling the aquarium.

  1. Fill the aquarium carefully using a hosepipe or siphoning water from a bucket.
  2. Test the water before stocking with any fish, follow the aquarium manufacturers instructions.
Aquarium Care & Maintenance

This background for aquariums does not effect the operation of your aquarium, it is suitable for cold water, tropical and marine aquariums.

Follow the fish tank manufacturers instructions for the set up and care of your fish tank.

Before filling your fish tank fully assemble your aquarium. The fish tank background can be carefully trimmed with a craft knife or scissors if necessary although we will not accept any damage caused when cutting or trimming the background.

Before putting fish into your aquarium, test the water to ensure it is suitable and treat accordingly.

The main two problems fish keepers experience are due to;

  • Over Feeding - follow feeding guidelines carefully
  • Excessive Light - due to poor tank position or having lighting on for too long

If you allow excessive algae build up on your aquarium background, algae eating fish such as Epalzeorhynchus Kallopterus (Flying Fox) will bring it back to its original appearance once you have resolved the problem that caused the algae.

You should follow the manufcaturers instructions you should enjoy many years of fish keeping. It is very unlikely that you will need to empty your aquarium. If you have a serious problem that means you have to empty your fish tank completely you can drain off the water leaving the fish tank background in place.

Follow the aquarium manufcaturers instructions for this. Fill the tank carefully with clean water and empty again to fully rinse the Spectacular 3D aquarium background. Then follow the initial set up as per the aquarium manufacturers guidelines. Test the water before re-stocking the fish.

Removing the fish tank background from the tank is likely to cause damage to ther background.

Please note for installation you must use Aquarium Safe Silicone which can bee purchased from us.

*** Sorry this item is no longer available ***

Spectacular 3D Aquarium Background Suitable For Marine Fish Tanks

Size & Type

Price: £28.20
*** Sorry this item is no longer available ***

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